Crystal clear waters of the Duea River, NSW

Enjoying Banrock Station's boardwalk

River Smart Australia is a not-for-profit organisation supporting stakeholder-based management and restoration of Australia’s river systems.


The vision of RiverSmart Australia is:  

“Managing rivers for people, wildlife and sustainability” 

Our mission is to raise awareness of the importance of healthy rivers to Australia’s future, and provide opportunities for all Australians to reduce the impacts they have on our rivers - their ‘river footprint’.

The objectives are RiverSmart Australia to be: 

a.  providing advice on simple and practical steps that all Australians in their homes, schools, businesses and recreational activities can take to reduce their river footprint. 

b.  offering advisory and facilitation services, so that watercourse landholders, landcare and rivercare groups, regional natural resource management bodies and local governments (in the main) can be proactive in taking well considered measures to reduce their river footprint and lead the way with river rehabilitation. 

c.  promoting sustainable and river ‘friendly’ farming practices through improving water use efficiency, reduced pollution of waterways and restoration of riparian zones. 

d.  catalysing major community, corporate and government investments in river rehabilitation, and raising awareness among all Australians of how they can all help reduce our river footprints.

'About RiverSmart' leaflet - 2 pages - download here (pdf file). 

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