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Macquarie RiverSmart initiative


On World Environment Day (5 June) 2009, the Central West Catchment Management Authority and RiverSmart announced a partnership for the Macquarie RiverSmart initiative.  The CMA is contributing $753,000 to that partnership in 2009.  This support is gratefully acknowledged.

Brennan's Mitre 10 store in Dubbo is also a sponsor of this initiative, assisting with the supply of blue buckets.

"Brennans are a local business with strong connections to the environment. Our hardware and garden store is all about being Mighty Helpful. Our product range is tailored towards saving you money now and saving our environment for the future."  Michael Brennan, July 2009




Orana Mutual comes on board as sponsor



Ben Luck, Branch Manager Orana Mutual Dubbo presents RiverSmart CEO Bill Phillips with a 'big' cheque for $5,500 at the Lazy River Feast

At the Lazy River Feast on Saturday 25th (see below) Macquarie RiverSmart announced that Orana Mutual had agreed to become a major sponsor. 

Orana Mutual will provide $5,500 to Macquarie RiverSmart this financial year. This support will go in part toward helping to launch RiverSmart’s proposed Sustainable Rivers Outdoor ‘classroom’ and the ‘Movies by the Macquarie’ outdoor cinema (see photos below).

“This is a huge boost for us”, said RiverSmart CEO Dr Bill Phillips, “and we hope other regional businesses and organisations will follow the lead of Orana Mutual and help us get these community initiatives happening.  Imagine lazing back to enjoy a movie by the river in Wellington, Dubbo, Narromine or Warren. We're even hoping to have events in the Macquarie Marshes.”

Ben Luck from Orana Mutual complimented RiverSmart on their range of activities and explained that his organisation and RiverSmart share a commitment to a healthy Macquarie River. “As a local financial institution, we have a vested interest in ensuring our rivers and the communities that rely on them remain healthy and vibrant,” he said. “Supporting our local communities is a priority for Orana Mutual and we are pleased to form this partnership with such an active local community group”.

Macquarie RiverSmart now has as its primary fund-raising challenge to raise the $15,000 needed to secure a portable outdoor cinema to stay in the region and be made available for community and other events along the Macquarie and elsewhere.  “We’re committed to drawing people back to the river, and to find ways for them to turn and face it, to appreciate why it is so special and vital for community wellbeing and prosperity” stressed Bill Phillips. “With the support of Orana Mutual we have the first $1,000 towards our fund-raising target for the outdoor cinema”.


Our sponsors:

RiverSmart especially wants corporate Australia to get behind this new approach, just as much as government.  

This is the chance for corporate Australia to demonstrate social responsibility and help fund the work of RiverSmart.

There are many ways you or your organisation can help the work of RiverSmart Australia.  These are outlined on the page 'How to become a sponsor'


In late 2008, Banrock Station Wines  provided funds to allow RiverSmart's involvement in the development of the Macquarie RiverSmart initiative, the Upper Murrumbidgee Demonstration Reach and Molonglo River Rescue projects (in the ACT and surrounds).  We are very appreciative of this support. For more about these projects follow this link.


The establishment and coordination of RiverSmart Australia is currently sponsored by Mainstream Environmental Consulting


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