As in your home, there are many ways you can also help reduce our river footprint in the workplace. 

The ways you can make a difference will vary depending on where you work.  For office workers it will be different to building site workers, and different again if you're the green keeper at the local golf course. 

Again, it's all about water quantity and quality.


At right we have links to some general check-lists (or you can download them as a pdf file here).  As we gain more sponsors, RiverSmart will provide more detailed advice for different types of businesses.  Stay tuned.


These checklists tell you and the business where you work how to use less water.....remembering that every drop you save takes pressure off the rivers, and saves the business money.


They will also show you and your workmates how to reduce your impact on the quality of the water leaving your place of work.


What you put down your drain may be causing river pain which ultimately impacts on us all !




Being socially responsible

Saving water at work

Try our checklist here to see if your place of work can save water...this will be good for the business and good for your nearby rivers.   

After you've done the water audit, set your business some targets to reduce water use by a certain amount or percentage per month.    It all helps !

Is your place of work polluting

our waterways ?

We all have some impact on the quality of water that passes through our places of work, some more than others. There are lots of ways each business can reduce this river footprint. 

Cleaner water means healthier rivers, more swimming, fishing...enjoyment.

We've also got a quick and easy checklist here, to see how good your business is at keeping our waterways clean, and maybe some ways you can do better.

Remember, our rivers are not as far away as you think. 

Follow this link to find out more about how your business can demonstrate its CSR credentials through RiverSmart.

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