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Australia's vital rural sector is under increasing pressure due to water shortages, and the impacts of climate change.  Landholders along rivers and on floodplains have the chance to take the lead in seeing river health restored - for their own pleasure and enjoyment, for the benefit of their neighbours and communities, and for those downstream.


RiverSmart Australia offers as a service* the opportunity for farmers to develop property management plans that will reduce the river footprint of their farming enterprises without compromising the bottom line.  Be the first in your community to display the RiverSmart Farm sign on your farm gate !


We work with you to do the following in developing a RiverSmart Property Management Plan (PMP).


1. Assess your current 'river footprint'.

2. Document how this relates to your farming activities.

3. If you have an existing PMP, examine which aspects of it you could change in order to reduce your river footprint, and what impacts this would have on your farming outputs and costs.

4. If starting from scratch, help you document your 'vision' for the property - what do you want it to look like in 5 or 10 years time, or when your grandkids take over.

5. Suggest ways to achieve that vision that don't conflict with your primary production aspirations.

6.  Consider how climate change might impact on you achieving that vision and what you could do to prepare for those possible scenarios.

7. Help you write this all up as a PMP with annual targets, and with suggestions for how to monitor that what you do has the desired impacts on improving water use efficiency and minimising chemical and other pollution of your nearby stream, creek, river or wetland.


It's important to stress that this is designed to be done face-to-face on your property over 2 or 3 visits, and that we will help guide you in developing or modifying your PMP so it becomes RiverSmart.   


If your new PMP recommends major capital or other works to achieve RiverSmart outcomes, then we can also offer advice on how to seek those funds through appropriate funding programs. 


Please note also that at present RiverSmart is not able to offer formal certification for having a RiverSmart PMP. We are examining how this might be possible in the future, and hope that one day our river footprint logo will be a common sight in rural Australia.


To find out more about how to become a RiverSmart Farm, contact us - details can be found here



* Until we can find a sponsor for this part of our work we are currently forced to operate it on a cost recovery basis

Grazing floodplains sustainably is not only a good business decision but also RiverSmart

RiverSmart farming is also about being prepared for droughts and changing climate

Banrock Station in South Australia's best practice irrigation alongside a Wetland of International Importance - an example of RiverSmart farming

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