Reducing your 'river footprint' at home is easier than you think.

It's all about water quantity and quality.


Do our quick and easy RiverSmart home audits (see at right or download the pdf file here).  


This will tell you how to use less water.....every drop you save takes pressure off the rivers.


It will also show you how to reduce your impact on the quality of the water leaving your home.


What you put down your drain may be causing river pain !



Not all pollution of our waterways is so obvious......most you can't see !




Saving water in the home

Try our quick and easy home checklist here, or alternatively try out Banrock Station's on-line home water calculator via this link.

The price of water is set to rise, so by reducing home water use you get a win-win result. You save money while also helping to revive our rivers. 

After you've done the water audit, set your family a target to reduce water use by a bucket per day, or maybe a bucket each.  It all helps !

Greywater recycling can significantly reduce your home water use

Are you polluting our waterways ?

Cleaner water means healthier rivers, more swimming, fishing...enjoyment.

We all have some impact on the quality of water that passes through our homes. There are lots of ways we can each reduce this river footprint. 

We've also got a quick and easy checklist here, to see how good you are at keeping our waterways clean, and maybe some ways you can do better.

Remember, our rivers are not as far away as you think. 


Are you made of money ?  No, well try these tips to save our precious water and your hip pocket.



Check the watering restrictions in your area before watering.  It may not be allowed, or your day to water may be tomorrow.


If you do water:


Try watering after dark, and don't over-water. 


Lawns and gardens don't need a drink for several days after good rain. 


Don't forget to turn off your automatic watering system during wet periods.


Use a tap timer so you don't forget the hose is on.


If hand watering use a hand-gun type spray nozzle.



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