Founder, Director and CEO

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RivertSmart's ambassadors

Tim Gavel, well known sports commentator


Joining or renewing your membership

The annual fee is just $50 or you can pay three years in advance.

Please pay direct to the following bank account:

St George Bank, Woden, ACT.  BSB: 112-908    Account number: 437079241 

Account name: RiverSmart Blue Bucket Fund. 

Please include your name in the payment details section.

For new members, you can download the membership form here.


Members of the RiverSmart Advisory Board

Dr Jennifer Andrew


Associate Professor
Mark Lintermans


Dr Kerri Muller



Dr Margaret Brock


Jamie Pittock


Tara O'Connell



Members of the Advisory Board assist the Directors in the following ways


  1. Advising on short-term priorities, annual work plans and long-term

  2. Providing technical and other expertise, as appropriate, for initiatives
      of RiverSmart

  3. Identifying opportunities for forming partnerships with other suitable      programs, organisations and initiatives

  4. Suggesting potential funding and sponsorship opportunities, and


  5. Representing RiverSmart Australia at functions, meetings, promotional and other events, as appropriate.


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